Imaginations on Display

Kelli Costa and Nick Johnson own a fine art gallery and frame shop in Maynard, MA.  When we told this couple about the tools we were creating for entrepreneurs here in New York, they said there was nothing like this in Massachusetts.  We are developing tools to help connect entrepreneurs with the start-up resources they need in every state in the United States.

“I have known Janet Tanguay for over 40 years and she never ceases to amaze me. She is an innovative and creative thinker who has a deep passion for guiding entrepreneurs and helping them find the right path for success.

My husband and I opened a custom picture frame shop and art gallery in MA in 2008 and I wish that we had had a resource like this when we were starting out. What Janet has created is an incredible one stop source of a wealth of information that will be invaluable to anyone starting a small business.

In addition to this wonderful website, you also have access to Janet who is patient, warm, extremely knowledgeable, and who will take the time to listen and guide you towards realizing your goals.”

Kelli Costa, Co-Owner
Gallery Seven Frame Shop & Fine Art Gallery

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