Valued Partners

We want this website to be a place where business owners and others can come to brainstorm, to create, to build business or for gift ideas, ways to make money, and ways to find trusted service providers. We’ve personally done business with the companies listed here and know them to be reliable, resourceful, detail-oriented, responsive and some even have a great sense of humor. We want to encourage you to do business with them! If you’d like your business to be listed here, email us for rates/pricing information at or call us at 518-527-6397 to discuss.

Dave Borland

EOS Implementer / Business Coach

Michael Corcoran

Social Media

Dtrae Carter


Brian Caruso

Authentic Copywriter

Angela Cuzzo

Graphic Designer / Muralist

Hope DeRocha

HWOL Certified Vision Board Coach

Tiecce Dixon

HWOL Certified Vision Coach

Cameron Erickson

Business Advisor / Visionary

Karen Paul

Brand Awareness & Marketing Services

Carole Heaney

Holistic Cancer & Integrative Health Coach

Joan Heffler


Denise Horan

Management & Sales Consulting

Elaine Houston


Becca Kennedy

UI / UX Designer

JoDee Kenney


Kat Koppet

Writer / Founder / CEO

Nina Lockwood

Conscious Living Coach

Jennifer Massey

Founder / CEO

Theresa Marangas, Esq.

Estate Planning Attorney

Jamel Mosley

Brand Strategist

Merci Miglino

Advanced Mentoring & Coaching

Debora Morello

HWOL Certified Vision Board Coach

Katie Navarra Bradley

Leadership Coach & Author

Kim Perone

Advanced Mentoring & Coaching

Michael Roach

Founder / CEO

Kathi Reynolds

HWOL Certified Vison Board Coach

Briand Rollo

Leadership Coach / Consultant / Speaker

Sue Kidd Shipe

Energy Healer & Hypnotist

Marco F. Garcia Tomakin

Attorney at Law

Bernadette Willis

Speaker / Coach / Author

Jolene Lomnes

Home Inspector

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