Just the right Blend of Imagination, Support, & Execution

In the early stages of Bare Blends, its founders recognized the importance of having a strong foundation of core values to guide their business decisions and shape the company’s culture.

To articulate and solidify these values, they collaborated with the Hammock Way of Life team, experts in holistic organizational development. Together, they embarked on a series of workshops, brainstorming sessions, and deep dives into the essence of what Bare Blends aimed to represent. The result was a comprehensive mindmap that traced the brand’s journey from a nascent idea to the heights of success outlining their product evolution and highlighting their commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and quality.

“Janet Tanguay’s guidance and ability to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in a budding entrepreneur is unmatched. If it weren’t for her encouragement, feedback, network and ultimately her support, I wouldn’t have developed the courage to grow the business that I did.

I would recommend her services to anyone looking for not only assistance with recognizing what they’re fully capable of accomplishing, but also to anyone looking for continuous mentorship and getting to know a truly selfless person who deeply cares about the success of others.”

Annie Berdar, Co-owner
Bare Blends

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