Video Interviews

The Hammock Way of Life has helped hundreds of companies take the first steps into the business world with support, guidance, the resources to grow.

Here are some selected examples and stories from our esteemed Alumni.

Raya Ioffe and Elijah Ioffe

Raya Ioffe of Raya Wellness and her son, Elijah Ioffe of Twisty Balloon Fun, talk about saving money and the importance of budgeting as entrepreneurs.

Juan Lopez

Portrait of a filmmaker

Joseph Kenney


Marco Tomakin

Marco Tomakin is an attorney, a nurse and now owns Lola Anna’s Chorizo sausage company. Marco grew up in the Philippines and wanted to bring the flavors of his country to the U.S.

Gwen Bluemich

Gwen talks about bullying, being judged and ultimately finding her authentic voice.

Learn about her new business, CultureLynx

Gretchen Meyer

Sit with Gretchen poolside and learn about how she met her fiance and how vision boarding helped her define exactly what she was looking for in a partner.

Jenn Dugan

Jenn came to us as a recent graduate of Schenectady County Community College. At the time, she wasn’t sure how she would monetize her business or where it would be located. She eventually quit her full-time job, found a location and was a featured speaker at Small Business Saturday.

Susan Ungerman

Susan Ungerman, CEO of Ungerman Electric and Seven Blessings Jewelry, is one of the most authentic, genuine, generous people we know.  Watch as she discusses her two businesses and how working in a male-dominated industry has shaped her future and the importance of family and wellness.

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