Lark Street Photo

Lark Street Photo specializes in bringing a business’s story to life through exceptional photography and dynamic marketing solutions. Their expertise lies in creating high-value media content, setting them apart in the realms of marketing and media consulting. They don’t just showcase your business; they bring it to life.

Dtrea Carter, Owner

“In essence, if finding your life’s purpose is a puzzle, Hammock Way of Life isn’t just providing pieces—it’s helping you build the entire picture, one compelling, lesson-filled, and purposeful piece at a time.”

“As the owner and director of a creative marketing firm, I’ve navigated the busy lanes of business innovation for years. However, my recent journey with Janet and Hammock Way of Life has been a refreshing detour into the landscapes of personal and professional growth. With a mission as alluring as its name, Hammock Way of Life isn’t just a service—it’s a tranquil haven where purpose and passion converge.

What’s truly distinctive is Janet’s adeptness in focus groups. It’s like a symphony where each note, each idea, harmonizes to create a crescendo of innovation. And let’s not forget Janet’s team-building expertise—imagine a treasure hunt for chemistry and camaraderie, with clues hidden within the very fabric of your team dynamics.

I’ve encountered various businesses and advisors, but Hammock Way of Life? Janet doesn’t just advise; she curates experiences that feel like an escape to an island of enlightenment.

If you’re ready to swing into the hammock of purpose and let the gentle breeze of clarity guide you, Hammock Way of Life is more than a recommendation—it’s a blissful necessity.”

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