“Our vision boarding session with Janet gave us the opportunity to (re)connect with each other in a meaningful way. Janet’s approachable, laid-back style of facilitation encouraged a team of ambitious and driven women to slow down and focus on us – individually and as a team. She created the perfect amount of space for self-reflection, then engaged the team in an inspired exploration of our aspirations through thoughtful questions and observations. We are a stronger team today as a result of the time we spent with Janet.  She was the perfect guide.”

Beth Dawson
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Mars Wrigley North America

Creating Tasty Ideas

The Hammock Way of Life had the honor of working with the Mars Wrigley team.  Over the course of our sessions we helped them identify individual dreams and goals that all converged in a meaningful way to bond the team together, increase efficiency, and support the company vision.

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